Medical and Acupuncture Laser Equipment Sales and Service

Acupak located in Melbourne Australia, supplies medical therapy laser equipment, particularly low power laser therapy units. Our most recent model for sale, the CL Plus laser is a therapeutic laser, designed for universal application on larger wounds, dental applications, physiotherapy and laser acupuncture.
Our standard model the CL Mini is an 8mW laser appropriate for laser acupuncture applications. Acupak lasers are approved by the TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Authority).
Acupak now offers the 100mW laser.
The 100mW laser improves penetration depths, reduces treatment time and comes with all the standard features of the CL Plus.

CL Mini

CL Mini 8mW Handheld Mini Compact Laser

15 mm diameter only
Timer for exact penetration dose
Energy saving: 1 battery only
100% constant output power
Multi function therapy tip
Wide Area coverage- beam point coverage- Ear Nose and Throat suitability.

CL Plus

Compact Laser Plus - handheld battery operated compact laser with timer and automatic dose

Multi functional therapy tip
Energy Efficient 1 x AA Battery
Adult and Child doses
One touch operation
Automatic calculation of therapy time
Wide Area coverage- beam point coverage- Ear Nose and Throat suitability.

Point Finder

Acupuncture point finder PS3

The laser point detector unit is used to accurately gauge acupuncture points.
The unit runs on a CR 1/3 battery and is shipped with a battery.
Includes a pointed sensor tip, a round sensor tip and a convenient storage case.